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It's all about you

You say you know what it feels like
That you know what it means to hurt
That you know the feeling of a beat down,
Ending up with your face in the dirt

You say you've been depressed and cut for a while
But you're just drowning in all of your pathetic lies
Always threatening to say your last goodbye

Have you ever thought of anyone els?
Or is it just your pain you see?
Because it feels like you don't even care about what happens to me
It was all about you and about you it will stay

You always have to bring me down
Always make me relive the pain
Make me reopen these old scares
Tare down my dreams and toss me into the cold and lonely dark

Caring about you is a waste of time
But I'm the only one who cares
Yet you still treat me like shit
And I can't help but wonder why

why am I still doing this?
You never listen to me anyway
Nore do you care about my feelings
Yet I'm so stupid to stay

It's time to leave
I can't take it anymore
If I don't leave now
I'll end up 6 feet underneath the grave jard floor

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I wrote this a long time ago

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Reacties op ‘It's all about you’

  • I can't help but ask. I need to know. Is this about me? And if it's not, I'm sorry.

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 10-08-2014 om 12:59

  • It's not. Why would it be?

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 11-08-2014 om 01:58

  • Idk. I'm sorry that the bitch hurt you, u know to find me :3

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 11-08-2014 om 15:01

  • Thx hun :p sadly BITCHES EVERYWHERE XD I'm a bitch as well but yea..

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 11-08-2014 om 18:06


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It's all about you