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What have you done?
Why are you gone?
What were your fears?
Was it really worth to let me drown,
In my falling tears?

Give me a sign,
A sign that proves you're still alive.
Give me strength,
Strength to fight where you were lost.
Give me a reason,
A reason to fight for without my friend.

Why didn't you take me with you?
Why didn't I see you were in trouble?
Why didn't I read your farwell note,
Before it was too late?

Why were you acting like you were okay?
Why were you faking your happy smile?
Why did you hide all your tears for everyone?
Why didn't you text me,
So I could help you everyday?

Why was the knife too strong,
And won against your mind?
I can die now of pain and tears,
I can't wait to see you soon.
I doubt if I can live without you,
But I have to try for you.

I miss you so much man,
I hope you are good,
Where ever you are.

May Jesus be with you now...

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I hope you are better There...

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  • Tranen staan in mijn ogen, niet alleen van herkenning maar ook door hoe prachtig je dit hebt geschreven. Succes ermee. xxlisanne

    lisanne - 07-05-2014 om 16:57


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