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Being a Belieber is a lifestyle.
there are so many people who say:
you only a fan bc you love his look,
but basically they don't know you, us
and i'm not a fan, i'm a Belieber.
i'm here since 2009, and yea i'm proud
And yes i love him, and also his mistakes
because he learn me that everybody makes them
he told me to believe, so i do
he told me also never say never, so i do
For me is Justin Bieber my point of living.
And yes i love his body i love everything of him
because i'm sitting in this fan base
and also the biggest fan base call Beliebers
I met amazing people!
And yes most of them cut for Bieber
but we can understand why.
I'm a part of the Beliebers, i'm in the family
but there's a thing that disappoint me
right now, at this moment…
it about Selena Gomez, and i love her
she is amazing.
but there are enough who are jealous,
they can't accept Jelena, and i can
so there are fight of it.. and it ..
it feels like everything felt apart.
Because they make each other happy
Selena love Beliebers,
she tried everything but there are assholes that can't see it
disappointed… thats what i'm ..
you have to accept it, Selena makes Justin happy.
And do you remember his depression ?
maybe she can fix it!
i would do every thing to make him happy!
And please you have to stop thing that you can be his girlfriend
because that won't happen..
i know it hard, but you have to accept it..
he has no idea who you are..
every day he met other Beliebers…
do it for the family…


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