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Als je iemand nodig hebt die er niet meer is

Sometimes I know it’s better we’re not together anymore
But then I wonder if we start again, would it be the same like before?
Sometimes I would go back in time to see the love in your eyes
Discovered by al your never ending lies

Sometimes I wake up crying, seeying you in all my dreams
A never stopping nightmare is what it seems
Sometimes I let you go but run back after you
I need to tell I’m still in love but there’s nothing I can do

Sometimes everything turns grey and dark but your eyes are my guide
A burned out little spark, hoping for a better tide
Sometimes I wonder was there someone who ‘s more nice, pretty, sweet?
Vanish all our memories, with one chance to delete

Sometimes I wish I knew why this is such a mess of war
A souvenir of a open wounded reminding scar
Sometimes I see your happiness without me
Breathing again, a new chance to be free

Sometimes I wonder why you pretend to be someone else
I should walk away instead of listening to what my heart tells
Sometimes I wanna know why you keep hurting me the long way
When I should know there was nothing left to stay

Sometimes I reread all the messages that you sent
Like there from someone else, by accident
Sometimes I make a list of 100 bad things
Of a stupid boy who cut out my wings

Sometimes I wanna jump out of a window
I just need your arms around me so I won’t fall
Sometimes I need the only one who could save me, but who isn’t there at all
When you need someone who won’t be there

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Nadat hij me had gedumpt bleef ik achter met zoveel vragen waar ik nooit het antwoord op zou weten... en ik heb hem nodig maar hij zal er niet meer voor me zijn.

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Als je iemand nodig hebt die er niet meer is