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sherlock valentines

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You must be Reichenbach
Because I'm falling for you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Look at all the love
That I.O.U

Deduction is great
It requires precision
Forget John and Sherlock
You're my division

Mycroft is fat
Sherlock is thinner
I'll be your Irene
Let's have dinner

Roses are red
Skulls are white
I made you some coffee
My conductor of light

Rses are red
Performance is art
Please love me back
Or I'll burn out your heart

If my body was dead
You could totally deduc me
But since my body is ready
I'd rather have you seduce me

When I think you can't see me
I'm stuck in the blues
If you do not love me
I'll turn you into shoes

Blood is red
Scarves are blue
Tell me you love me
Or I will sssssskin you

John is sweet
Sherlock is smart
Be mine or I sear
I will burn out your heart

I'll wear my jumper
You mke us some tea
We'll be friends forever
Like in 221B

Mycroft likes talking
Sherlock likes texts
Please don't be alarmed
But I want to have sex

Roses re red
My scarf is so blue
I don't have friends
I only have you

My sometimes blunt manner
May sometimes repulse
But I know you like me
I've taken your pulse

Your arrogant style
Doesn't always impress
But brainy's the new sexy
I'll bring my battle dress

I'm not your housekeeper
But I'd make you some tea
I'm always watching you
When I think you can't see

Sherlock is "dead"
Watson is blue
Actually I'm really sad now
No valentines for you

Sherlock Sherlock little star
How i wonder where you are
Up above the roof so high
Like a hero in the sky
Sherlock Sherlock face stained red
One more miracle
Don't. Be. Dead.

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dit zijn de kleine gedichtjes over de bbc sherlock die ik bij elkaar gezocht heb

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sherlock valentines