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My christmaswish

My christmaswish

I know what i would like to have for christmastime this year.
It isn't fancy or expensive just something for the Christmas cheer.
If i could make a wish underneath the christmastree.
Then this is what my wish would be.

For our world to prosper and glow.
For our children to blossom ang grow.
And yet learn about others who don't have nice things.
Who have to be afraid what they feel or what they think.
Because there are children on our planet,
who are unfortuned.

Who are in a war and have to fight to stay alive.
Who'll have to do anything just to survive.
For those who sleep in the cold,
"your not welcome" is what they are told.
Babies are left in the gutter to die,
just as if their live was a lie

This is not how life's supposed to be,
children should be happy,healthy and free.
They have a right to healthcare and education,
to help them improve their situation.
So when a child is in need don't look away.
Let us help them day by day.

Let them feel loved and wanted,
then i can say: "my wish is granted."

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Chritmas Wish

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My christmaswish