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Little Facts

Good things,
Are little facts of life.
These things,
That will give you your drive.

Now you can think,
'He is crazy, he's a fag'
But did you know,
I went a rope on my neck?

Years I've thought about suïcide,
I thought,
'Should I try it?
Should I go?'
But I didn't,
And I couldn't.
Because of my family.
Because of you.

I've a lotta family,
They'll miss me when I never coming home.
They should cry,
Because I've only thought about my own.

Do you know why bullies are bullies?
Because they try to get you down.
That says you are higher than them,
While the tears of you will let you drown.

Bullies are attention seekers,
They makes your life a hell.
The reason why,
You are better than themselve.

Please speak your thoughts,
Even when your voice is shaking.
The world will give you things,
Please use what you have taken.

I will be waiting here...
For your silence to break,
For your soul to shake,
For your love to wake.

I'll be there for you,
Don't go die with a rope or knife.
Please starve when your time has come,
And enjoy,
Of the simpel facts of life.

This poem is wrote,
With my biggest fears.
This poem is wrote,
With my very last tears.

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To a special girl, I hope so you read this. I won't let you go, don't let me miss

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Reacties op ‘Little Facts’

  • Ik ben er stil van geworden. Heel erg mooi. Klinkt heel dom, omdat de tekst zo mooi is, gaat deze naar mijn favoriete :)

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 23-09-2013 om 07:10

  • Mooi gedicht. Erg herkenbaar

    Zomaar iemand - 23-09-2013 om 07:31

  • Wauw, ben sprakeloos! in één woord: prachtig! *gaat naar mijn favo's*

    jorinda - 23-09-2013 om 09:04

  • Wauw prachtig gedicht! De tekst raakt me, gaat zeker naar mijn favo's! xxlisanne

    lisanne - 23-09-2013 om 12:40

  • Hij is prachtig. Gaat naar mijn favo's!

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 23-09-2013 om 15:18

  • Gaat direct naar mijn favo's! Zonder twijfel.. Het is echt te mooi voor woorden,..

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 23-09-2013 om 20:14

  • Mooi gedicht patros!

    Robbin - 11-10-2013 om 18:50

  • Wow, echt heel mooi. Gaat zeker naar mn favo's

    Someone - 24-02-2014 om 08:59


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Little Facts