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peace of me

Standing still but still moving
Lying down but not resting
Breathing air, suffocating
All the while, I'm debating

Life was never what I thought
Never what I wanted it to be

Had a plan, couldn't follow
Had a dream, it was hollow
Everywhere felt like nowhere
Everything was so boring

Oh, you found the peace in me
It was missing; it was broken
You put soul into it
Oh, you found the whole of me
I was empty, now I'm better
All my peace is back together

Restless ways for a living
Fitting in 'cause I was driven
Saying yes when I meant no
Holding on, should've let go

I was scattered all around
Left shattered on the ground
You picked me up

What a life, always tried
What a life, lived without you
Don't leave me, and I won't
Fall apart, I won't leave you
And it's cold and I'm blind
And I would and it feels good
What a waste on my mind
Everytime, all the time.

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peace of me