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Eternity love

Today I attempt to put into words my thoughts about you.
This is a difficult task at best. For how do I properly describe and convey to you the feelings of my heart?
I know in my mind that my life is enormously better with you in it that you are good,and cute, and true, and honest, and loving and so much fun.
Deep in my being and soul there is so much more--a sense, an emotion, a feeling that is beyond description.
It is love, truly, but how does one describe that? Perhaps if I were a songwriter, I could put my feelings into music.
If I were a painter like you, I could paint a lovely picture.
My only hope is this--that you feel in your heart what I feel in mine--beyond description, beyond words, beyond true comprehension and know that this mutual feeling is a gift given to us to last for our lives and to eternity.
my lovely lauren
You know..
I've never kissed you at the fountain of luck on New Years.
But i want you to know
You are the one who brings hope to my New Year.
We've never ridden a Gondola down the Venetian canals
I want you to remember
You are the one who carries me through troubled waters.
We've yet to stand in the brilliant glow of the lights from the Eiffel tower.
But you are my light in the darkness.
We've never tangoed in a Spanish Square.
but i want you to remember
You are the dance that beats in my heart.
I've never run to you across the airport terminal to jump into your arms.
You are my home each time we will embrace,
You've never named a star after me.
Buti need you to remember
I want to be with you past the stars, beyond the galaxies,
And into eternity.
Remember the hours
Remember the days.
Remember the times.
These are the moments,
We’ve captured together forever in time.
Together as one.
We’ll never die.
Our hands unite and raise to the sky.
These are the moments we’re captured together,
I wish they would stay forever.
This is the time of our life.
I want you to remember
I love you
I love you somuch lauren
May it last into eternity

Marco S

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Eternity love