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I miss you

There are a few things that I want to tell you,
But I just don’t know how
Well, I guess I just have to try,

The past few weeks were very hard for me
It feels like you’re slipping away
But the further you go
The more I try to pull you back
I can’t let you go
You know I miss you
But it seems like you don’t care
You’re my friend
I thought you were

You don’t talk to me
You don’t answer my texts
Sometimes on msn, I must admit
But only if I talk to you
Only then

I miss you boy
I miss you like crazy
I miss the days we were joking around
Telling each other everything
Listening, trying to help
Or just sitting in my room
Talking about random stuff
You know
About movies and friends
That small chit chat
I really do miss that

I miss being surprised by you
Ringing the bell on a late night
Just coming by to say hallo
Staying for 30 minutes or so
Just to talk
Because you were bored
Or because you wanted to escape from home
But I don’t see you anymore
And you told me that I can’t come to yours’
Because you’re parents won’t accept that
Will you soon come by?

But most of all
I miss you
Just for who you are
You always understood me
You helped me where you could
You changed me
In a good way though
And sometimes
I miss your arms around me
Just as friends
A comforting hug
Just to let me know
That everything’s going to be all right

Can it ever come back?
That’s what I want to ask you
But I know what your answer would be
You would say that you’re just to busy
With school and stuff like that
But you know?
I don’t really believe that
Because I read your texts to others
On twitter and facebook
And I see that you’ve got time for them
Then why not for me?
What’s wrong with me?

I just miss you
I told you that before
You just sent me a “:$”
And nothing more

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Dit gedicht heb ik gechreven voor een hele goede vriend van mij, Kevin. Ik heb het gevoel dat ik hem aan het verliezen ben, en dat wil ik niet.

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I miss you