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Your teenage years

things where perfectly set out to be
perfectly undoubtedly
no questions asked
no troubles at last

suddenly something snapped
in fact, i cracked.
the pressure proved too much
nothing in my hand but a bottle of scotch

it made me lose so many things
i just whish i had wings
so i just could fly away
nothing left for to stay
my live totaly left in disarray

or, i could fix this
no, its not you that i miss
i just need to be strong!
let everyone see that i can carry on!

i will not be weakend by you
your issue`s aint my problem
beating my teenage years is all i want to do
and eventualy i will solve them

dont come here to attrackt
because i will only addapt
infact, i believe im stronger
f*ck karma i can be here for longer
you wont decide my life
you wont let me hold a knive
you wont get me killed
oh im so thrilled!
i can beat you and defeat you

put away the booze
dont press on snooze
be stronger
live longer
hope rising
sun shining

because in the end
i took all the bends
First to the flag
i might had some lag,
but after all of this
i give my life a kiss
and realize, i made it!

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Een gedicht over het gebruikelijke 10er leven. in het begin geen zorgen, dan komt de pubertijd en word je vertrouwde wereldje opeens anders. Hoe ga je ermee om?

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Your teenage years