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You broke me

You’re tearing me apart
No tears when you do
You’re breaking me into pieces
With a smile on your face

Why do you like to break everything?
With killing words that cut in my soul
You pull me into deep loneliness
No warming hugs, no comfort

Only looking at your own needs
Sweeping away mine
You once told me you loved me
What a lie!

I pick up my broken heart
I kill all the memories of you
I want to move further and further away
So you can’t ever find me again

I will become stronger
I will fix my heart and soul
Showing you what I can do
My sunny sky isn’t gone yet

I’m worth somebody’s love
I’m worth it to be beautiful
Even though you told me I can’t
I will survive my fear

And the day will come
When I kill everything
Till the last memory I have
And stab it on to you

I hope you’ll be tortured
With your own filthy thoughts
Feeling what I felt those years
And then I stick out my hand

Asking if you want to be saved
Because my heart is trustworthy unlike yours
I can’t kill people’s heart like you
I only offer pure lovely feelings, even to those I suppose to hate

Because when I do that
I already have beaten you
Because I’m a good person
And I’m endlessly loved

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You broke me