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You and me,
Me and you.

Never together, but neither apart,
you easily captured my hart,
felt like some kind of magic right from the start.

There has always been attraction between us,
at least, I think there was.
Smile to each other, then hastily looking away,
I didn’t ever dare to stay.
Afraid of a feeling so strange and so strong,
never found out whether it was right or wrong.

I always told myself I simply couldn’t be in love with you,
but I wonder then; why is it I still can’t forget you?

When you smile and your eyes start to shine,
it does make me wish that I was yours and you were mine.
I wish that I could talk with you, be with you and be there for you,
wanted so badly that this dream would come true.
Wishful thinking.

But no, I rudely made myself wake up from this dream,
It’s like me being the sun and you being a moonbeam,
They just don’t go together,
We’re different like night and day,
I think that’s why I keep this love away.

When I see you standing with your brother or a friend,
I just can’t seem to understand,
Why you always look like you think you’re less,
Standing in their shadow, hiding yourself, I guess.

If there is something I could say to you,
It would be you shouldn’t hide being you
You’re so beautiful, wonderfully made.
You are not a mistake, you’re special.
God made you the person you are,
Try seeing yourself through God’s eyes and you’ll see a lightning star.

He wants you to shine,
he wants you to smile,
Not only for a little while.
He wants for you nothing but the best,
It’s more than anyone could’ve ever guessed

I wish I could tell you this,
It’s something you shouldn’t miss.
And if I never find a way to tell,
I hope someone else shall.
Because God loves us, we all should smile,
Than you can say you have a great lifestyle

Also I still don’t know if it’s love what I feel,
But instead of dreaming so much, I will stick to what’s real.
And maybe some of my wishes come true,
But than at first I’ll have to talk with you.
Just start with a smile and a hallo,
Like I did so easy a few years ago,

Maybe something will start to grow,
To be honest, I don’t think so,
But who knows what the future holds,
We’ll see what unfolds..

You and me,
Me and you.

The start.

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