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I never thought

Stoplight flashes red
Highway up ahead
And I'm travelling
I'm coming home to you
And I'm smiling just like Mr Moon

'Cause seeing your happy face
Makes me warm in all the places
That I can't say - it's rude...
And I've never loved anyone like you

I never thought I'd find the kind of love you read in classic stories
If I am Miss Elizabeth
Then you're the charming Mr. Darcey
And life's a tea party with you

Turnpike's up ahead
Not much longer 'til my exit
Heart's racing like this car
And my eyes they are twinkling like the stars

I never thought I'd chance the kind of romance that'd taste so sweet
If you are like the rocky road
Then I am like the chocolate ice-cream
We go together so nicely

Traffic jam is so alarming!
But the thought of you's disarming
Any road rage
That I might fly into
And the radio's playing
Funky Beatles tunes

I never thought I'd find the kind of love that they express in love songs
And Lennon and McCartney said it rightly
That you can't buy love
And you're my diamond in the rough

Coming home
Coming home to you
Is the best thing that anyone could ever hope to do...

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I never thought