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what little girls are made of

facing the world is hard
it's not easy to grow up.
sometimes life can knock you down.
you don't know where to go.

so when yoú're standing at the crossroads.
don't know which path to choose.
listen to your heart.
don't be afraid and let your heart lead.

there's no one to help you.
no helping hand.
so you gotta do it all on your own.
it makes you harder, stronger and it makes you a better person.

this world is rough and if you want to make it you gotta be tough.
and i know it ain't always easy but if you believe in yourself the sadness, the pain will fade away and you can go live your life again.

there are some things that i regret, some words i wish had gone unsaid but i can't change the past cause it's gone.
there were mistakes i shouldn't have made and it was hard but i came stronger and harder through the struggle.

and i realize it was worth it because i am a tough girl now.
you can't handle me .
ypu can't whup the fighting side of me.
i don't care what other people say.
it's my life not there's and if they want to say something.
first they gotta look at their own lifes.

now you know what little girls are made of <3

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what little girls are made of