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30 years

30 years of anger,30 years of grief
Called a thousand names even called a thief
Never had the love so needed never a tender heart.
Always tried to do the best I can always stayed apart.
Loved so many people lost so many love before.
Always looked for someone special always found an shut and closed forever door.
No one ever took the chance to enter this space inside my mind.
I honestly think that’s part of faith and you’re one of a kind.
You have the gift to make me happy and turn on a smile.
For ever I want to cherish this gift not just for a while.
This feeling inside my heart grows a little every time you tell me you care for me.
So let me enjoy this feeling as long as I can and never set my heart free.
I thank you for your friendship a gift so pure and real.
This is the best of all presents the greatest thing to feel.
My sister is what you are to me a friend in time of need.
A long time ago I planted friendship and this is what I seed.
Best friends is what we will always be by storm by wind and rain.
This friendship will last for ever more by happiness and pain.
Soon you’ll see what wonders life can give to you.
A wonder you’ve never know says this love you feel is true.
You will have the strength and courage to face life like you’ve never known before.
When times seem dark and lonely just call me and I will open up the door.
My heart and trust I give you so you know I trust you for life and for real.
My little sister I care for you is the truth about how I feel.
This will never change as long as I may live.
The friendship we have between us is a gift I cherish the best that you can give.
Never before have I known this feeling you gave to me and you still do.
Take care of you and support you is something I mean honest and true.
You brought laughter in my life ones again you pushed away the tears.
You are the best friend I can wish for the best friend ever for more than 30 years.

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30 years