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different person.

When i first started on high school
everything was going fantastic,,
i had amazing friends because i was new.
I liked everybody and everybody liked me.
But i met a girl and we were the best friends
we both were 'emo' and i was happy i finally
found someone like me but when the year passed by i knew she wasn't like me she was so much different ! second year High school;
Me class was totally different , other people , other teachers , other ; everything.
I was very nervous because i didn't knew anyone and now i was the only girl who looked 'emo'.
But i became friends with almost all of me class. But me best friends were Celine 'nd Damina. It was so much fun with their. We did everyting together. But i remember a old friend of mine said; They are using you.
I tought; noo, thats bullshit!
But then came the time i realised
that old friend was right.
They were totally using me.
I became to hate them so the whole class
became to hate me to. Celine and Damina were the only friends i had and they didn't wanted me anymore and neither did i, so when everyone hated me i didn't had anyone i was all alone. The whole class turned against me and they started to tease me.
Shooting rubber bands, abuse, beating, threatening.
because of that i cryed everyday. even on school. It became so far that i was getting sick of it. for real. my stomach hurted by all these people. And i even was thinking about suicide and yes.. i almost did it. But im happy i didn't.
But when the year was almost done i told a teather i knew it was pretty late to tell it, but i did. And im so happy i did it. The teacher gave the people who teased me punishment
and they never did it again. I have no more trouble and I have really good REAL friends right now..

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different person.