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pain but i still survive

This ain’t a life this is all a lie
But i can’t change the fact that i wanna die
I always try
I never stop
I fight my way to the top
On my own way the way i like
So everybody has to stop with telling
Me what i’ve got to do
Cause i won’t listen to you
And if you didn’t know
I am wise anough to think for my own
I’ll figure out where the hell i went wrong
I know i am young
But i am independent
No matter what you’ll ask ore say
I always have an answer right in your face
I ain’t scared
I had enough punshes to know where i stand
A couple years ago i cried in the night
Now adays i start a fight
Cause i won’t be quite anymore that’s the old me
That is dead and gone
Now i am strong, i’ll go through every pain even when mommy&daddy fade away
I admitt that it will hurt but nothing can ever break me cause now i am strong
I made a wall around my heart just one person can make that fall apart
You know what i am talking about i am made from diament
So you can’t break me neither put me in the fire!

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pain but i still survive