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Prayer for Peace

God my God

What is it this day

That causes my heart

To be led astray

Please remain with me

Don’t go away

Give me the strength

I need to stay

I pray, I beg

Call me home to you

To avoid any wrong

That I may do

Temptation’s so strong

It’s hard not to pursue

The things I know

Will separate me from you

God grant me peace

In my very soul

For my thoughts are running

Way out of control

Giving into temptation

Is not my goal

I don’t understand

Please come to console

Peace Blessed Peace

Wash over me

Calmness and serenity

Will set me free

A blanket of stillness

Cover my tormented sea

God please come quickly

Answer my plea

Stay my God

Stay through this test

I need you so badly

I am overly stressed

I am anxious and fretful

I cannot rest

My future is yours

Only You know best


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