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Life is beautiful

A teens,
I like being a teen-ager
I lived and enjoyed life
No responsibilities
And I was free like a bird

At twenties,
First time I \'ve met love
I didnt know,it was heaven
I learned more about myself
I did love, enjoyed,
And shared moments with someone I care

At thirties,
The reality of life,
Loneliness,pain,sorrows and forgiveness
I \'ve learned to accept things,
I supposed it was written in my destiny

At fourthies
Time to choosed,
This is what I want to be
Yes I do,being a wife and a mother
I am satisfeid but, still I keep on dreaming

Between the ages,
I do believed in mid-life crises
I thought, I knew myself
Everyday,I have to deal with it
I experienced and I have learned

At fifthties,
Another dream and desirable
What i did lived for and longing for
Another dream,and came true
Being a grand mother

I am at sixties now
Reminisce the time,and make me smile
I am still enjoying life,and i have no regrets
I thank god, for granted me this life
Life is beautiful.

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Life is beautiful