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it started to good

i see you
you see me.
we talk and talk.
we are dating,
for a while.
we are not looking,
for a realition.,
just call us friends.

but than you move,
so many miles away.
what do we have to do?
why didn't you say?

we call and chat,
cause ther's no other way to talk.
you help me with my problems,
just your voice makes me okay.
you can talk to me, like no one else.
it's just that you have a problem,
bigger than mine.
please you have to stop,
dont use it one more time.

when you quick,
i quick.
than we are solved,
but you lied,
not one more time.
i stop believing.
youu couldnt handle,
you don't want to live.
you tried the hardest way,
and you went sick.
i came to you,
and we talk and talk.
it is okay.
but a little bit later,
i came to you,
together we were better,
dancing in the night,
the house party's were okay.
by your home,
it was so romantic,
only your dad disagree.

you couldn't live,
when i won't love,
i just want a friend,
like you,

you couldn't live with that,
you screamed and screamed.
no we don't talk no more,
i miss you so,
why did it so go?

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it started to good