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enjoy your life

What is your dream? When you know your dream comes out.
What is your hope? In your future life.
Who is your greatest love and how you know he/she loves you back?
Do you know the biggest secrets of life when they show them self’s?
How you deal with frustrations? You know everything goes his own way.
What is your greatest pain? What is your greatest sad?
How do you want to change the world? To make it better or more evil.
Do you know the things that really cares in life and witch makes life beautiful?
What are the secrets that everyday is a wonderful day? A day with happiness.
Love, hope, pain, sad, change, and frustration. These things are important to the human brain. Many time we think about it.
But is it worth? To think how we can lead and decide our own life, while there are so many beautiful things in life where we can enjoy without thinking. Things that makes life so good as it is. And yet we want things in life in a different way. But why we do this. Why everything has to go as we want?
This are questions to think about when life turns down a bit. Believe in happiness, love, and magic. don’t forcing the things in life but enjoy it. Live your life with all the magic life can give you and don’t doubt to do things. Because if you want something so much and you go for it, then your dream might come true. Your hope will be come reality.
But there are three four in life witch makes a human rich. love, health, happiness, freedom. The one that owns all these things can call himself the richest human in the world.
Life can be cruel and very though. Pain comes en sadness goes. Think about the line above and you become better person.

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enjoy your life