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Nobody Knows me!

NObody knows me
It feels lonely out side on the street
Some times I wish that this was the past
And I could look down from a cloud
Into my life
And have the peace in my mind
Without thinking what I am going to do the next morning
Lonely with all these people around me
No clue what is coming up next
It feels lonely because no one knows me
I have no peace in my mind
It doesn't feel good when I am doing my things
The whole damn day, everyday
This is not the life I want to live
But I don't see a way out at this moment
I am not happy, but its hard to explain
Busy to take care of my boys
And make them happy in there life's
That's the only fucking reason
That I am not already on that cloud
Problems everywhere around me
No one that's happy with the things they are doing
Real friends are hard to find
So don't even start about real family
My parents that are the people that I have respect for
And my kids are a gift from god
My house is my home base
But its not on the right place
I have everything what a woman wants
But it doesn't make me happy
Because no one knows me
For who I am
Scared to lost my beloved ones
Scared to let them go
But I know there will be one day
That they won't coming back
And then I am start thinking
Maybe it's a smart decision
To take the first cloud
And fly away

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Nobody Knows me!