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You are perfect to me

All along the way
I was trying to find something that don't exist. I was trying to find someone perfect,
and allthough you come prety close,
no-one can ever make that true.
Also with us is something missing, like we are still apart from eachother 150 km.
But even we are not always together, you are always there for me. I want to thank you,
For all that you did, the love you giving me,
and the smile you gave me when I was having a hard time. The truth in your shining eyes, saying you won't leave me, and then you tell me I'm so beautifull, and i just flowed away:-) It's the place i wanna be forever, with you. And babe, if I look at you, thouch you, and smile, can you feel how intense happy I am?
That''s because of you, thank you

p.s. You are so perfect to me

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You are perfect to me