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Go to Yunnan, south of the clouds, to see the real thing.
Take your backpack and start in Kunming.
In the Western Hills there's a rock like a chair.
It's the chair of Bod, that's only fair.
In the Stoneforrest you feel young and in good health.
Hear the silence, feel the wealth.
On your way to Dali look at the paddy fields and the buffalos.
Look at the mountains, see how the water from the waterfalls floes.
In Dayan see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the Black Dragon Pool.
Read the characters at the Dongba school.
The women are pretty, they work hard and give birth.
The men make music, this is heaven on earth.
In Baisha pay a visit to Doctor Ho.
He's world famous, a one man show.
The bignoses talk English, you got to learn.
Speak their language, there's much money to earn.
Naxi, Achang, Bulang, Dyang, Nu, Bai.
Miao, Zhuang, Kucong, Buyi, Dai.
Yi, Zang, Yao, Dulong, Jinuo, Pumi, Lisu.
Wa, Sui, Hani, Hui, Jinpo, Menggu, Lahu.
In Yunnan live lots of minorities, other then Han.
Enjoy the colours, enjoy the flowers, enjoy Yunnan.

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Dit gedicht is geschreven na een reis door China.

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