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Questions about heaven

There's a place were we will go
After the time we die
That place is called heaven
No I don't think it's all just a lie

I know there's a place behind the sky
A place with a God who cares about you
Heaven is like an eternity sea
I think these words are true

But I have got a few questions about it
Can I recognize people when I'm behind the clouds?
I always really hope I will can
I want to see the sun and hear heavens sounds

May I be happy into that wonderful sky?
With the people I loved on this earth
Will God save us all in heaven?
There are so many stories about that I heard

I have always had faith in my Lord
And I know he will help me through good and bad
He will always be by my side
Even when I'm alone and very sad

When I look behind my shoulders
In bad times I see just one pair of footprints in the sand
I know God took me on his back through the bad times
And I know He will always take my hand

The questions about heaven are still in my mind
But I will keep my faith in Him inside my heart
Life will teach me more about heaven and God
And when I may go to heaven I will make a bright new start

© Nathalie

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Questions about heaven