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2020- my view

my 2020-view

A year starting and ending in something Brexity
Ending in December starting in January
A year before covid-19 was introduced, fires were already raging and animals in fear.
Never we could have thought one of those would headline this year.
in other news, sporting events postponed or cancelled
so the question of "who wins those events" will later be answered.

In january already the first case of covid-19 in Europe,
the UK that wants out of the Europe-club.
Dropping of bombs, dropping of airplanes, dropping of a helicopter
a chartered chopper dropping victimises a basketball-legend and his daughter.

February helps us to our first infected person in The Netherlands and here in Belgium
yes, that was a painfull welcome.
acts of terror of all kind are also happening
knives out and bullets flying around, just all damaging.

In march covid-19 marches on,
yet, it speeds up... a lot of countries go into a lockdown...
Most things (sports and other spare-times) are put into 1 big, large chain,
only the essential jobs (and other jobs under conditions) who do remain.

April, a sequel of "march", the marching in this lockdown-pause
where an old veteran marches for a good cause
In our own land we discover a walk or a bike ride
anything to change the "blijf in u kot"-tide.

In May protests, close to riots, do intensify again,
encouraged by an organisation started after trial of the on 26feb2012-died man,
Black Lives Matter, a good organisation; yet it should be All Lives Matter,
as a gun shot, a knife stitch or something else do shatter ((familiy) lives).

In June it goes on
a missguiding of the highest man lets it erupt
Painfull, yes, there it is again
it can come again, but yet, don't know when....

Ending in July the EC Football would have started in the month before,
another world-event (Olympic Games) would have started, covid-19 was there to glore.
Sporters could not sport
Fans could not support.

August, ending the games would have been,
yet other things have been seen:
like an earth overshoot day surpasses the one of the earlier year
a good thing, yet it still does come too early to cheer

September, a gouvernment is finaly there
the "friet revolutie-regering" does still stand as a record which is fair
Forces of nature as always raging on
oh, what is mother nature in that respect so strong.

October, hairdressers, horeca and so on close for the second time
yet again, not gaining a dime
France startled by a teacher's decapitation
a loss for the whole nation.

November, the election of the US president
Biden wins, Trump does think it isn't meant
Fraud, the word he uses
Painfull as he loses and ends with internal pshychological bruises

December, right back where we started with Brexit
a deal is there, after their real exit
a pity, a shame as the global problems we face
an individual does not have a place.

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2020- my view