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Old friend

It’s like an old friend, someone you haven’t seen in a long time.
you stopped seeing them because they were bad for you.
seeing them now though, it makes you feel save again.
It’s something familiar in a stressful time.

This old friend knows all about you.
they know the way you move, the way you talk
the way you see yourself. They know all about it
and they are not afraid to confront you with it.

It’s like they are fearless, but know you are full of fear.
They can control you every move you make, yet you feel
like they are only just helping you become a better person
you sometimes wish them gone, but other times want them along.

Friends and family will get jealous, especially new friends.
they’ll tell you lies about your old friend, just to get some attention from you
they’ll tell you she’s no good for you, even though you know better.
something that feels so familiar, so trusted can’t be so bad.

You’ll think she’s changed, you’ll tell your friends and family
she is a better person now, she’ll do things differently now
you trust her, like you did before, because she makes you feel
So wanted, so loved, so perfect. She makes you feel good.

You’ve found this friend, through something that’s been said
some familiar voice started to repeat it, in your head.
this old friend, it’s like a habit, and habits never die.
she wasn’t gone, just far away, something triggered her again.

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ik weet niet zeker of ik dit echt een gedicht kan noemen, maar ik wilde het toch graag (anoniem) delen

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Old friend