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In tua potestate.

-- Softly To Me -- LOVE, lyrics by Bryan MacLean --

-- Ama me-cum -- AMOR, a manu Bryan MacLean --
>> "et quid mi' accíderit quo sím in tua potestate ?!"

Magisque te ámem in dies per milies mille annos
et totum diem pérdam fléndo e mero beato

-- ever-more you I-would-love days-in(-and-out) for 1000x1000 years // and all day I-would-lose by-weeping out-of mere bliss --

Saltáre et cantáre dum vívo (vívo)
et ridére te-cum, amatrix, áma me-cum !!

-- to-dance and to-sing as-long-as I-live (I-live) // and to-laugh with-you lover (f.) love wíth-me [and not "to-me"] --

Poma, dulcipanes, cinnamum, res suaves et tu
et amatrix, scís bene nil aliud effícere póssim

-- tree-fruit(s) sweet-bread(s) cinnamon, things nice/lovely and you // and lover (f.) you-know well not-at-all other-thing come-up-with I-would-be-able-to -- only . . .

[2.] Solum saltáre et cantáre dum vívo (vívo)
et ridére te-cum, amatrix, áma me-cum !!

Et, me' amatrix, numquam nóveris quam bella per semper sís ad me // et, me' amatrix, te sic cáptus éram quo fíat clarum unicuique visu, et púto illos iam égisse // et quid mi' accíderit quo sím in tua potestate ?!

-- and my lover (f.) never you-will-know how elegant for ever you-would-be to me // and my lover (f.) by-you so taken I-was by-which it-would-become clear to-everyone // to-see [supine referring to an adjective] and I-suppose them already to-have-done // and what to-me may-have-befallen by-which I-would-be in your power --

[3.] Saltáre et cantáre dum vívo (vívo)
et ridére te-cum, amatrix, áma me-cum !!

Et si te sávier, mi' accídat saviáre denuo,
sed haec res haud obscura sít, me' amica !!

-- and if you I-would-kiss to-me it-would-befall to-kiss again // but this thing/matter not-at-all incomprehensible would-be, my friend (f.???) --

[4.] Saltáre et cantáre dum vívo (vívo)
et ridére te-cum, amatrix, áma me-cum !!

[Translatio a 白狐]
_ _ _

-- The Original English Version --

Stanza 1:
I could love you more and more each day for a million years
and I'd sit around all day just crying happy tears

[1-3-4] To [2: But] dance and sing my life away (life away)
and laughing with you, my darling, softly to me

Stanza 2:
Orange, sugar, chocolate, hot cinnamon and lovely things and you
and darling, you know there was really nothing else that I could do

And my darling you will never know how elegant you'll always be to me // and my darling I was so in love it was evident for anyone to see, and I suppose they already do // and how come so suddenly everything depends on you

Stanza 3:
And if I kissed you once I'd probably do it again
but then that's not so inconceivable, my friend

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In tua potestate.