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Mans world

Life learned me many things but the game has changed,
I am unlearning what I learned from the olden days.
Going step by step back into memory lane.
Healing my self a little each day.

You see the things that you told me were wrong,
There is no denying that old thinking kept our minds going.
And when I am scolded for being too strong.
You got the word bitch on the tip of your tongue.

There was this guy back in the day which I used to like.
Can´t deny it took less than a day for me to spend the night.
I could see the word slut form in your minds.
But if I would have gone home, you would call me a dyke.

We still think the world is short on stock or demand
When it comes to a man and a woman, a woman and a man.
You want us woman to revere and only like the man
And yet you beat up a man who just thinks to like them.

And sweaters, short hair, and baggy jeans are not okay.
You clothe for the eye of man, woman, have you not learned today.
But if what you really want comes out to play.
You scream for obscenity because you can´t greet or talk or sway.

This is a mans world but every time someone says this world
There is a man to tell us we got it twisted, bend and twirled.
Yet if we talk about issues that effects just us girls,
Flies on honey, telling us how men problems really hurt.

But it´s a mans world and a mans world it is,
And I can not give a damn if you hate the world privilege.
I am so ready by now to tell you to suck it up bitch.
The truth hurts but so does domestic violence,

Or rapist walking free cause it´s a mans world.
Or different standards for everything cause it´s a man world.
No equal pay but still claiming a woman has equal chances in a mans world.
Telling men that are feminine that it is something bad in this mans world.

Telling me I am not worth to live in this mans world
Cause I am fat, and genderbending and half a dyke in this mans world.
Telling me 6 year old abused probably learning something from it in this mans world.
Because you think your input is always constructive in this mans world.

Oh fuck you, and your fucking cocksucking mans world.

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Het is een antwoord op de vele MRAs die vele commentsecties bevuilen met hun onnozele data

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Mans world