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Soothing sounds

Whenever i listen to music, my problems fade.
They don't feel like actual problems anymore.
The melodic vibrations coming out of the speakers calmed my body and mind.
Leaving me in a state of meditation, with moments... without thoughts.

Music has been the only thing making my life bearable.
Whatever happened... the sounds comforted me.
They saved me, from an inevitable depression,
Filling... the forever breaking silence.

Then i met her, a girl with the same effect on me as music does.
Listening to her voice, soothens my pain... and heals my wounds.
Whenever she spoke, i listened, like she whispered into my heart.
Only her voice was what remained in my thoughts.

But then, she withdrew.
My heart... waits to be whispered to, my mind... waiting to be calmed.
But no sound was made.
No sound, reached my awaiting mind.

Now... i only wonder where she has gone to, why she remains in the dark.
Am i the reason why?
Is it something else?
It haunts my mind, like an everlasting nightmare.

Whatever i think of, i imagine her voice.
I imagine the calming effect that the sounds she made had on me.
I dream of finally being able to hear her voice again.
Whenever i think of her... i turn the music off.

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Brokenheart Liefde Sadness Voice

Reacties op ‘Soothing sounds’

  • Well i dont know much about writing but i think thats such a beautiful, sad poem i dont know how you could find the words for it but its really great. Its a pretty embarrassing thing to say but it actually made me cry, not many poems managed to touch me like that. Youre really talented and I hope youll write a lot of other poems.

    Lina - 06-05-2016 om 03:04

  • Lina, thank you for your kind words. I only write about what i experience, I use poetry to cope with certain events in my life so i can't assure i will write a lot of poems. I'm glad to hear it moved you, I express great emotions with my words. feel free to contact me anytime if you want to know anything. my delails are in my profile ^^.

    Martijn van Voorbergen - 07-05-2016 om 22:45


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Soothing sounds