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Sappho Part 5.


In Welsh nightingale is eos (I presume eo is ew);
in Breton it's eostig, but eost means harvest !!
The -t- is a rather confusing addition and the -ig
is a diminutive, another addition to the root word.
Therefore I drop the -t- > eosig ['èw-sik]:

An eosig, harod o kanañ ez-flour
an nevezamzer o vezañ war lusk.
[Sappho #62]

Metrum > 2x [- x / - x / - - x / - - x]

The nightingale, the sweetly singing herald
of the time of spring in full swing.

En noz tremen em eus bet un huñvre,
e oa savet trouz etrezomp hon-div:
ar Guprianez. [> Gwener an aval-tabut dezhi !!]
[Sappho #63]

Last night I dreamt there was discord
between you and me: the Cyprian
[> Aphrodite and Her apple of discord !!]

En noz-mañ em eus sellet
ouzh al Loar hag ar Pleiadoù
o vont da gousk.
An noz a zo hanter e-biou,
evel va buhez, nemet d'am c'halon.
me a zo war va wele.
[Sappho #64]

[da guzh > da gousk > mont da gousket = se coucher]

Tonight I've watched
the Moon and the Pleiades
on their heavenly way down.
The night is half over,
like my life, though not for my heart.
All alone
I lie on my bed

[Sappho #64 in French see: Ma jeunesse perdue.]

Nerzh-kendrec'hiñ, merc'h da Wener,
c'hwi a douell ar re varvel !!
[Sappho #65]

Power of Persuasion, daughter to Aphrodite,
you cheat the mortals !!

Meur a wech em eus hetet,
o Gwener ar gurunenn-aour deoc'h,
ma vefe din an hevelep chañs-vat !!
[Sappho #66]

Many a time I've wished I might,
o gold-crowned Aphrodite,
be granted the same good luck !!

D'an oad m'emaon, perak e nij amañ din
ar wennili neñvel, merc'h da roue Pandion,
da reiñ keloù, ha zoagno ac'hanon ?!
[Sappho #67]

At my age, why does the heavenly swallow,
daughter to king Pandion, fly here to me
to give news, that will sadden me ?!

Se oa d'ar mare-se: ur verc'h me a oa en he bleuñv
eveldout-te a oa.
[Sappho #68]

That was then: a girl I was in her prime
like you yourself was.

Evit-mañ evit-se -- n'ouzon ket petra ober:
ennon e lamm div galon !!
[Sappho #69]

This way that way -- I don't know what to do:
within me beat ["jump"] two hearts !!

Va c'heneilezed,
penaos 'ta ober disheñvel ouzhoc'h,
c'hwi hag hoc'h eus kement a goantiz ?!
[Sappho #70]

My girl-friends,
how could I ever act differently towards you,
you who all look so very lovely ?!

-- [Sappho #71, see > Sappho the Feminist.] --

A-dra-sur e ran da karout, met mar rez va c'harout,
e vefe gwelloc'h dit d'eurediñ d'ur zimezell yaouank.
Ne vefen ket evit gouzañv da vevañ gant ur gour yaouank,
me o vezañ koshoc'h egedout.
[Sappho #72]

For sure I love you, but if you love me,
it would be better for you to marry a young woman.
I couldn't stand to live with a young man,
me being older than you.

Ya, brav eo, met, va hini garet, bez a boell !!
Perak rodal ker c'hwezet gant ur walenn-eured ?!
[Sappho #73]

Yes, it's beautiful, but, my dear one, be sensible !!
Why pride yourself that bloatedly on a wedding-ring ?!

Sell 'ta !! Hi Andromeda, tapet he deus
un eskemm emsav dezhi !!
[Sappho #75]

Look at that !! Andromeda, she's got herself
a fair exchange !! [cf. Part 4 #52 > Atthis]

Ma tarzho an egar ez bruched, Sappho,
gant ur genaoueg bennak,
e chom 'ta evit ur wech hep difeuriañ
al lemm a'z teod ac'hanout-se !!
[Sappho #76]

When anger will explode in your chest, Sappho,
because of some fool ["yawner"],
do keep sheathed for once
that sharp tongue of yours !!

Pegen iskis !!
Ar re-se ma oan boas da vezañ hegarat ouzho,
e reont din bremañ poan-galon ar washañ !!
[Sappho #77]

How strange !!
Those I used to be nice to, now do me the worst pain of heart !!

Evit gwir, Gorgo, n'on dare techet da vezañ droukrañsus:
ennon e lamm ur galon vugelel !!
[Sappho #79]

Truely, Gorgo, it's not at all in me to be spiteful:
within me jumps a child-like heart !!

-- [Sappho #80, see: Bitching Lesbians.] --

-- [Sappho #82, see: Honour the Roses of Pieria !!] --

-- FROM PART FIVE [#62-83] Left out: #74, 78, 81, 83. --

Translations into Breton and English by 白狐, based on Mary Barnard's translations:

Source > "Sappho", translated by Mary Barnard and first published in 1958, by the Regents of the University of California. Republished in 1994 by Shambala Pocket Classics, Boston & London.

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Sappho Part 5.