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Black veins.

So close to the knife.
All I wanne do is to turn tonight.
Black veins are growing.
I can already hear my inner demons, they start moaning.

I want my body to be ripped into pieces.
Roar all the pain out.
I need to be caged, like those beasts.
All I want is to shout.

Who do I run to?
Nobody on my side.
Slowly coming closer.
A blade across my skin slides.

Why won’t anybody be interested in me?
Doesn’t matter how hard I try.
I can fight all I want, it’s never enough.
So I guess I gave up on trying, and start to think more about dying.

My veins turn black.
It started in my head.
Now they slowly take over my body.
I can’t even think freely.

I’m at war with myself.
Hating with all my guts.
I can’t feel a damn thing.
I was already lost from the start.

‘’Just die, just die, you worthless child!’’
‘’I try, I try, but nothing can compromise.’’
‘’Why oh why, did you have to life?!’’
‘’O my oh my, for my life I just don’t give a shit…’’

Tears full of pain.
Demons shouting in my head.
One step closer to the knife.
And with black viens, my skin turns red.

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Black veins.