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Forever love

I love you truly
my heart remains sad
we ended real cruelly
it still feels so bad

Maybe you thought I
was playing a game
but my heart wouldn’t cry
if you weren’t my true aim

I longed for you intensely
the yearning twisted my mind
I só much wanted to hold you
my awareness just declined

The guy I (regrettingly) did mention
he meant nothing, love, honestly,
but a substitutable kind of extension
of everything you are to me

Your reaction so impulsively
the harshness broke my heart
but now I love your jealousy
makes my grief sort of falling apart

Every morning I wake up with you
At night you’re the last one I see
in my dreams and in my fantasies
it’s still always you and me

Sweetheart, I’ll love you for ever
You are the love of my life
And although this surely sounds insane:
In our next life I will be your wife

I now have to try and forget you
At least try to cope and be fine
But I know that, until the day I die, I do
miss you and wish you were mine


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For my almost lover, my hopeless dream, my luckless romance. My back will never be turned on you. I always knew I would cause myself sorrow. I'd never want to see you unhappy. Forgive me...

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Forever love