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Dark inside of me.

Sitting on the ground.
With all these memories shattered around.
Pieces of paper with pain dropping out of the ink.
Screams and tears in my head where I used to sink.

Time has changed.
Everything looks different now, when it was right in front of me all along.
Afraid of these memories.
But the past is stuck in my head like a painful song.

Ow dark child, can I let you go?
I still hear your echoes.
I gave it all, and you were fading.
Another fall through the dark of shadows.
I couldn’t save you.

Sometimes I reach for you.
Wishing I could stop you from bleeding.
Maybe ease the pain.
But ow dark child, you just weren’t feeling.

Is this fair?
The older you is walking with the scars.
Who is the winner of this twisted game?
But back then you just didn’t care.

Now I live inside this dream.
But sometimes you are reaching back for me.
Did you get lost inside?
Is it too bright?

I gave it all.
You should be fading.
But where would you go?
All alone.
You couldn’t stay.

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It's about the past-me. (inspiratie van Red- Part that's holding on)

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Dark inside of me.