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My sweet and beautiful paradise

A sweet and beautiful paradise,
That was the content of my life.
But some hard and rushing tones,
Cut through my safety like a knife.

Up came a terrible wind,
Blowing through the unreachable sky.
And then there was you,
With the devil living in your eye.

You made up my mind,
Before it was for me to do.
Why you made my life a hell,
No one had a clue.

Sinking deeper, way back down,
Sinking down a big black space.
The only thing left for me to see,
Was your haunting, scaring face.

Blocking off my roads to run,
And just no one there could see.
That I was slowly fading away,
Would I ever be free?

Suddenly there was this light,
Calling me to hold on.
Telling me; don’t look behind,
But that was easier said than done.

Trying to rush I wanted to grab,
But I just couldn’t hold.
Then some angels flew over my head,
Helping to make these memories old.

Back came the beautiful paradise,
Sometimes with traps, but then..
I’ll put my history far behind,
To never open up again.

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My sweet and beautiful paradise