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Angels don't live in Heaven.

I cry out, with no reply.
And although I haven’t seen you, are you still there?
I can’t feel you by my side.
I know you are out there, but where?

Some see me as an angel.
But I have no idea why.
How can people see me like that?
When there is always a devil in my head, where it hides.

Ow sweetie, didn’t you know?
Beautiful angels live way above.
My home is very low.
Where I come from, there is no love.

Hate fills my mind.
Blood taste on my tongue.
If you make me angry, you better hide.
Or I’ll make you see the place where I come from.

Walls of fire.
Air is thin.
And our master is a liar.
We are all to sin.

With the doomed walking around.
Screams of pain that never leave my ears.
This ow so delicious blood fills my mouth.
Signs of relieve aren’t here.

So how can you say I’m an angel?
Heaven is not my home.
And when the Devils walk around the world,
This Hell is where I come from.

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Angels don't live in Heaven.