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This feeling that my heart already shows.
It is a feeling that my mind still doesn't know.
My mind is becoming a blank page.
Maybe the afterlife will be my fate.

Everything is turning black again.
Nothing feels right.
All out of place.
Or is everything good just out of my sight?

I can't explain what I don't even know.
And even if I could, i'm not really sure if I would.
But my dead body is getting cold.
Maybe that is then good.

Saying you would be here beside my side.
All I can feel next to me are all your lies.
Faking things in my head just to keep me going.
Can you see now why I don't want to be here annymore, from all that i'm showing?

I don't want different.
And I don't want the same.
Can you see how hard it is?
In a two fight and being scared of both sides, with all this shame.

A monster that doesn't have a cage.
Nothing to keep me calm.
And yes, maybe it's this stupid age.
But I will just give it up before I ever fall.

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Reacties op ‘Fallen.’

  • I can't really see that because you aren't showing it at all to me. All I can feel next to me are just empty happy smiles and the reason I live for who wouldn't tell me if she would know what is up

    Bi-proud-of-you - 13-04-2015 om 23:13


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