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Lingering thoughts

There is this thought lingering in my head
Its been here for a while now
it actually makes me feel less dead

Would you understand if I told you?
If I expressed what I know and feel?
Maybe you'd understand, maybe you'd see it's real..

This thought in my head is about a hero
Someone who has saved my life
Changed it for the better, giving me a new strive

Would you understand if I told you?
Understand these feelings that have grown?
Whatch them blossom with me, as they lead me into the dark unknown?

Would you understand the meaning of my affection?
Even if I showed you countless times before
While I laid it right in front of your feet on the cold lonely floor

Would you understand that you dominate my thoughts?
Each day, evening and night
There is no rest in between, the thought of you never dies

It's like a flame not only burning threw my thoughts
But making it's way slowly into my heart
They say thinking of a loved one warms the heart
I think I finally understand their thoughts

I think I finally understand my own as well..
The reason why I can't remove this though of you
is due to the fact that I'm madly in love with you

Therefore I have no desire to think of anything els
I have all I want, so to speak
Someone I've fallen in love with so deep

Someone who I hope never to lose
with a heart of gold and knows the right thing to do
And I've found that someone

And that someone is you.

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I wrote this poem a while back for my beloved boyfriend

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Lingering thoughts