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I don't want to regret not saying something
I don't want to leave these words unspoken
I want to tell you a thousand things
But whenever I see you my actions are frozen

So here is a list of what I want to say to you
Because I never want you to forget
That leaving words unspoken
Is leave space for regret:

You have the most beautiful eyes
Blue with a shade of grey
They've seen so much horrific things
Things I only thought appeared in dreams

You have the most loving smile
Soft lips decorated in a light shade of pink
But knowing your thoughts
Is that smile real or fake? That's usually what I think

You have the most perfect body
scared, beaten but standing tall and never facing down
When the time comes and you hit the ground
You never seem to show me a frown

You have so much strength
And I don't just mean physical
Hard walls put up to seem strong for others
But deep down you're soft and emotional

A mind so smart it leaves me speechless sometimes
Knowing that I can call this wonderful person mine
Leaves my mind wrapped and mixed up in a bundle of twine

There is so much you still have to hear
Even to this moment more stuff seem to appear
There is no end to the perfection that is you
Neither is there an ending in my love for you

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I don't want to leave these words unspoken, I made this poem a while ago and I think it's time to share it

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