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Love bigger then the stars in the sky

Waiting upon your arrival
I'd count the minutes I still had to stay
Wishing you'd come and get me
Praying you'd take me away

And once you'd come walking thew those doors
A smile would appear on my face
Knowing you'd take me home
Somewhere I could be safe

Each day I waited for you
And each day you'd come
Took me away from my solitude
Because of that I am what I have become

You've always been there for me
Always stayed by my side
Even as a little girl
You where my hardest goodbye

You've always been the person I've look up too
You've always been my friend at heart
You've always taken care of me
I still care for you, even though we've part

Not long ago I've found out what you did
Knowing what happened to you
Makes me feel like I should have helped more
Even though I was just a girl of four

Starving yourself till only bones where left
Hollow inside, but a mind filled with regret
How could this have happened?
How could I have not seen

The death of a loved one went to it's extreme
Refusing to eat and taking yourself threw hell
I know you've lost your partner
But I don't want to lose you as well

You've always told me
that you loved me more then the stars in the sky
Is it selfish of me to ask you to prove it
by not telling me goodbye?

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Love bigger then the stars in the sky