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hollywood undead - bullet

We hit the sky, there goes the light, no more sun, why's it always night?
When you can't sleep, well, you can't dream,
When you can't dream, well, what's life mean?
We feel a little pity, but don't empathize
The old are getting older, watch a young man die,
A Mother and a Son and someone you know, smile at each other and realize you don't,
You don't know what happened to that kid you raised,
What happened to the Father, who swore he'd stay?
I didn't know 'cause you didn't say,
Now Momma feels guilt, yeah Momma feels pain,
When you were young, you never thought you'd die,
Found that you could but too scared to try,
You looked in the mirror and you said goodbye,
Climb to the roof to see if you could fly.

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I am really fed up with it all, maybe there is a way out

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Reacties op ‘hollywood undead - bullet’

  • It a beautiful song baby, a song I hope it will stay. Just never forget that ending one life can be the cause of the ending of another, so never forget that there is always someone who really cares about you, and wants you to stay, and if you decide to go, will follow you even till the end of days.

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 27-11-2014 om 09:56

  • thanks sweetie, this really helps me xxxx

    Arthur Wildeboer - 27-11-2014 om 11:14


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hollywood undead - bullet