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the breaking point

finally I'm was standing tall
is what I think when I fall
my work is over, I'm now done
just a few seconds then I will be gone

would you guys miss me,
or just see me as weight?
I guess the last one is right...
time has come to face my fate!

the earth is getting closer
my scarred hands going to the street
people screaming, my baby's crying
it is now that I must now admit defeat?

NO, I have to go on!
too much people are now gone!
NO, I have to go on!
I have to show them that I have won!

never think that you worthless
to someone you are worth it all
so when you are ever feeling depressed
give that person a well deserved call!

Danielle, I love you!
my love for you will never stray
wherever you'll go, I'll go!
just promise me that you'll never go away!

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i dedicate this poem to the girl that I will forever love, and will never abandon. she is always there for me, and whenever I feel down, she cheers me up. thank you Danielle! xx

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Reacties op ‘the breaking point’

  • You're the best baby (~^,3^,)~ Very beautiful poem, this is my favourite one. You know I'll never leave, I love you wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much!!!!!!!!!!

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 18-11-2014 om 20:14


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the breaking point