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Gedichten check: Dark Skies

datum 24-03-19 23:44
avatar Berichten: 5
Hoi Ik ben nieuw hier en dit is mijn eerste gedicht op dit forum. Ik ben benieuwd of jullie het wat vinden. Tips zijn welkom! Ik ga zo een kijkje nemen bij jullie gedichten!

Dark Skies

Am I the darkness that surrounds me?
Or am I the light within me?
Dark skies surround me,
How sick are we?
Is it because I lied?
Or because I never really tried?
I remember starting fires,
Not on purpose, but I'm tired
I don't know where to start
Or find a way to stop my heart,
Has God forgiven my sins?
Will he ever give me those good spins?
I do love him but hey
He does not listen when I pray.
What is going on with the other guy?
He knows no mercy, is he my dark skies?
Yet again I will step up my game,
With no one else but myself to blame,
I will seek for help this time you see,
But is this really how I want it to be?
Do I want to drown a little longer?
Or will I this time in fact become stronger?
What exactly is being strong?
Is that admitting you are wrong?
Will I ever see clearly?
Or will the dark skies swallow me?
Maybe I should be perfect in every way,
But I just can't decide if I want to stay
Will the dark skies stray away?
Will I ever see the blue skies like in may?
Will I stop walking in slow sand and clay?
Or will God finally hear me pray?
Oh lord forgive me,
Release me,
Can we do this together?
Can we the two of us fight this bad weather?
In my dreams rain poured down on my face,
So wet, but so in the right place,
What exactly does it mean however?
It was so very clever,
It felt so good and oh so real,
Or was that my fate you want to seal?
Please God above the dark skies,
Please God look into my eyes,
Tell me everything will be fine,
And I promise you,
The light side of sun will be mine.
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