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Do you rememeber when?

Do you remember when?
You first started gymnastics
it was so much fun
competing was for a new leo and glitter because everyone got a medal
and you just knew you were going to the olympics
you wanted to go to gymnastics all day long you were disperate to get a rip
and on a monday morning all the girls
would take their medals into school
to show the teacher
You would watch the "big girls" training
and think: I want to be like them,
then started things get hard
and when you fell it hurt
and no matter you how hard to tried
just couldn't do that one move,
competitions became so much more serious and only a few girls got medals,
the girls you were best friends with started to dissappear
your team became smaller
and some day you just hated it,
the pain got worse
and the conversation at school on monday was about parties and boys
and you couldn't join in,
you just want to quit,
then at training, from the corner of your eye you saw a little girl watching you
and you realise how far you've come
and how good you actually are
because a few years ago
that little girl was you

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Reacties op ‘Do you rememeber when?’

  • Gaaaf! Doe jij ook turnen? Maar in jou ander gedichtje staat dat je een blessure hebt :( IS dat zo?? BETERSCHAP!!! Btw erg mooi hoor!

    Daniel - 14-03-2011 om 18:51


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Do you rememeber when?