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I gave you all.
and you treated me like I'm an idiot.
You pretend, like I'm a crazy fool.
But I do am a fool, for loving you.

I do loved you.
I never cheated on you.
It's foolish from your friends.
To call me a player.

I know that everybody has an different perspective of things.
But Still you had it wrong.

Players are guys who treat others as shit.
I am like the other side of that.
And I got some proof too.
For example...

If I was a player, how can it be possible.
That I am so easy to break for you.
Explain that, please.

Example two, I'm gonna show.
Just because I want you to know.
That I stayed with you and that.
I was ready to wait till you are.
And players don't care if you're not ready.
They don't care at all about you.
But I did.
But still, you threw me away.

But still, your friends fucking hate me!
Just because I loved you.
Just because I tried to explain to you.
I don't know what to think about all that happend.
I did nothing wrong.

I've broken all my promises to you.
I guess I didn't know the chaos I was gettin in.
What matters most for me.
Everything you feel.

Why did you do this to me?
Why do you do this so easily?
You make it hard to smile.
Because you make it hard to breathe.

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