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Solis ortus. [Grace Slick]

Solis ortus
ecce necopinata
homo sanctifice
curator mihi érat
nunc tua bestia libera ést
et liberum tibi moriéndo
senex és et manus cani súnt
senes tui domum éunt et morántur
fabulas turpes audívimus
per duo milia annos
per duo milia annos
per duo milia annos
maledicentissima Gloria tua !!

Translation into Latin by 白狐.

Sunrise -- Grace Slick. [1970]
[From > Blows against the Empire -- Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship.]

English version see below.

Alt. > . . . maxime maledica Gloria tua !!

Grace Slick made a typically christian mistake by equalizing civilisation
and christianity: literally it says in verse 3 > homo urbane ("civilized man").
This confusion easily arises in countries where christianity is prevalent.
They shamelessly think that their good fortune and prosperity are due to
their god. Civilisation, urbanitas, is about the way the economy is run to
the welfare of all and the mentality necessary to make it work. Christianity
can be a means to make it work, but it does not equal civilisation !! In fact,
when christianity had lied and schemed its way to the top in the Roman
Empire, it weakened it so much, due to their hate of science and their
fixation on the next life in Heaven at the expence of improving one's worldly
life, it fell apart. In the east the Roman Empire went on, because the people
in power didn't take it as seriously as it was done in the west. They saw for
what it was: a means to control the people. The peoples that attacked the
Roman Empire from the north, were arianistic christians, who believed
that Jesus was merely a prophet and nothing more. Their take on life was
also very different and hardly resembled christian morals. Their belief was
rather tempering their wildness, so that their cruelty might have a limit.

So, staying in Grace's train of thought I changed it into:
homo sanctifice/-us >
a man sanctified by religion, as if believing in Jesus makes one special and
eligible for having the right to tell other people what to do. The presumptions
christians make astound me as does their blindness to them !! Presuming
to love one's enimies out of hatred for them, and hate they do as long as
those unbelieving enemies won't cave in !! And their oversimplication of
human life at the expence of human nature's plurality. And their emphasis
on sinfulness and humility to confuse the human heart and mind, so the
mess can be exploited for whatever cause !! Yes, may all homines sanctifici
burn in the Hearth and be a thing of the past !! Solis ortus . . . !!

Sunrise / surprised / civilized man / you were the keeper to me /
now your animal is free / and you're free to die / DIE /
you're old & your hands are grey / your old go home & stay /
we've all heard your dirty stories / two thousand years /
two thousand years / two thousand years /
and your god damn glory !!

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Solis ortus. [Grace Slick]