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Christmas should be for everyone, not just for the lucky ones

It was a beautiful day for mister snowman
So much snow thrown over the land
All alone around the trees
Stars shining in the sky so brightly

Suddenly a cold icy tear
And mister snowman had a moment of fear
His thoughts turned into rain
Hunger sickness death pain

Even though its Christmas day
Mister snowman wasn’t feeling so great
He started mumbling in indecision
Isn’t this peace on earth an allusion

When we should all be loved, happy and present finding
He thought of all the children around the world who are dying
And all this misery in the world that doesn’t seem to go away
When there is nothing we can say or do that will make it change

Mister snowman looked at the sky
And started saying to the stars that he doesn’t understand why
Christmas should be for everyone
Not just for the lucky ones

If there could only be peace on earth for truly everyone
Only than would Christmas be really fun
Children animals granny’s mothers
And all of the others

But mister snowman started crying
On this Christmas day he started dying
His hope for this peace on earth was melting
And there was no one in the world who could help him

The last words mister snowman said
were full of hope and still ever so sad
his body melted and turned into a star
and a whisper sounded from afar

There is no peace on earth
What is it all worth
Only the peace in your own mind
If you have the courage to truly be kind

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Christmas should be for everyone, not just for the lucky ones