You promise?

Dear Daddy,

You promise?
That you come to visite when your gone?
You promise?
That if you leave,
You give me a 'goodbye-kiss'?

I'll never forget you,
Always remember me,
Good times, Or bad times,

Some day,
I'm coming on a visite,
I'll send you a cart,
A cart full of my love,
Some day, You can hugg me,

Daddy, If i'm gone,
What's gonna happend with my little brother,
Mammy can't feed him,
She's allready with you,

In Heaven,

Dear Daddy,
You just have to whait a few more houres,
Then is it the right time,

Dear Daddy,
I'll always love you,
Your little child,

Me... <3

©Emma 2013

© Copyright Verwijderde gebruiker

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