A soldier's death

A man shouts "prepare yourselves, be ready to attack the shore!"

Did one of them ever wonder why and what for?

No because their goal was clear.

They knew there was no place for doubts, they know there was no place for fear.

Many of those man never made it across the beach,

For them the ultimate goal was far out of reach.

All those soldiers fought,

And most of them never gave giving up one single thought.

They went on with the fight, even though they went through a lot of pain,

But they didn't let that stop them, no for them it was something they just had to restrain.

But our heroes also have blood on their hands.

Think about it, just give it a chance.

And when we won, our victory was all we looked upon.

But what about the soldiers who are left to rest or the ones silenced by a bullet to the chest?

My respect goes out to the soldiers who died in their last hiding place. I have more respect for the soldiers, who never returned to their home base.

And I know they will never come, because those man paid the real price of our freedom

© Copyright Jack Oosterkamp

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